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Health & Safety

Health & Safety is at the core of everything we do at Site Control. It is as much a part of the task as laying drainage or removing muck. The company is actively working towards 45001 certification and utilises both internal resources and the services of third party consultants to allows us to adhere unconditionally to our main contractor partner's H&S requirements and to keep our workers safe at all times. 

We have a robust management system in place and produce all statutory documentation for all tasks along with site specific Lift Plans, MAC and HAVS assessments for all jobs.

Site Control take immense pride in our behavioural attitudes towards safety and this is recognised in the repeat business we enjoy with Ireland's Top Tier contractors

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Workplace Wellbeing

Our workers are our most important resource. Site Control are genuinely committed to the full implementation of ISO45003 to help us to maintain the highest standard of Mental Health and Wellbeing. As a company, we strive to provide a workplace that is stress free, inclusive and collaborative. We recognise the hard work of our employees and dedicate resources and time to helping our team to grow, to nurture talent and promote from within. Every employee is on a journey and our Senior Management recognise the potential in all of our team. We pay all of our staff at least SEO rates and contribute to the Construction Workers Pension Scheme for all employees. We actively support the "I Am Here" initiative and foster an inclusive environment where our employees are free to express themselves safe in the knowledge of absolute acceptance. Site Control fully support the Right to Switch Off and have adopted the HSAs Code of Practice on the Prevention and resolution of Bullying at Work 2021. We value our people and endeavor to provide a workplace that is rewarding and provides our staff a sense of accomplishment every day.

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Quality of Works

As a Donegal owned company, we are all too aware of the cost of non-compliance in relation to the quality of our works. We have invested heavily in training our people to understand the rigours of BCAR, inspections, snagging and quality of works. Whether it be the new "Reinstatement of Roads" or butt fusion welding, our team have the qualifications, experience and knowledge to implement design team specs on the ground, snag free.

We resource our jobs to allow our team to work to programme in an efficient LEAN manner whilst maintaining the quality required to ensure we do not need to revisit works. The quality of our works is our advertisement within the industry and we are proud to happily stand over every project we have completed to date.

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Continuous Improvement

Site Control are implementing a robust ISO Integrated Safety Management System, incorporating ISO45001 (+45003), ISO9001 and ISO14001. As part of our development we constantly and consistently review our previous works for opportunities to improve our service and quality of works.

In collaboration with our Main Contractor partners, we identify areas where we can provide value engineering, cost improvements, programme stimulation and effective resource management to provide successful engagement on all of our projects. 

We use benchmarking, lessons learned and key performance indicators to provide our clients with improvements on a consistent basis to continue to place Site Control at the forefront of industry and first choice for our key partners.

Site Control are a proud member of the Irish Plant Contractors Association and utilise the advice and experiences of other members to drive our own team to further success.


Relationship Building

In dealing with our own people, our clients and other contractors, Site Control are acutely aware that the key to success is positive relationships. Our most common feedback from Clients is our positive contribution to engagement on projects. Our team will strive to assist our partners towards successful completion without unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape.

We approach all of our engagements with honesty, integrity and openness and a holistic approach to the management of our tasks.

We enjoy strong relationships with Ireland's top piling contractors, muck away contractors and crane providers which allow us to tender with additional cost effectiveness for our partners.

We have a reputation for excellent service in all of our dealings which we intend to continuously evaluate and improve over the coming years.

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Industry Engagement

Site Control are heavily involved with the Irish Plant Contractors Association. The provision of a level playing field will allow Site Control to effectively cost projects and provide better value to all of our main contractor partners and to assist in the delivery of the Government's 'Housing for All' initiative.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated exisitng issue in Irish Construction accross remuneration, procurement, PUP Payments, Capital Grants and taxation.

Through lobbying, partnership and commitment, the entire industry can benefit from the changes put forward by the ICPA, supported by Site Control

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